My Priorities

JOBS/ECONOMY. A strong economy is the foundation for prosperous families and communities.  Too many people in Clark County are out of work, underemployed, or afraid they could lose their jobs.  The Legislature can and must increase our focus on economic turnaround and job creation.

EDUCATION. This is not just my top priority; it’s the top priority of the Washington State Constitution, and I believe that clarity in this area needs to be re-established. Educating our children is a concern and a hope of each family in Washington and you have an advocate in Paul Harris.

HEALTHCARE. All Americans deserve a world class healthcare system that is affordable.  Over the past few years we have seen healthcare costs skyrocket when we have been told they will fall.  The Affordable Healthcare Act has been anything but affordable.  Our state, led by a Governor and Insurance Commissioner who are Democrats, has fully invested in Obamacare and Washingtonians have felt the frustrations and broken promises.  You deserve better.