Jobs & The Economy

Jobs & The Economy—Let’s Get Clark County Working

A strong economy is the foundation for prosperous families and communities.  Too many people in Clark County are out of work, underemployed, or afraid they could lose their jobs.  The Legislature can and must increase our focus on economic turnaround and job creation.

I have supported legislation these past two sessions that would lower taxes, cut through the excessive, costly regulations and eliminate red tape allowing our employers to invest and create jobs.  Specifically I supported:

*Tax incentives for rural economic development and employers

*Bills to protect contractors’ right to exist

*Wage incentives to encourage the hiring of first time employees

*Workers’ compensation and regulatory reforms designed to lower costs

*Laws to prevent the spread of Seattle-based wage and employee rules to areas outside of Seattle

Certainty and stability for employers is one of the most effective solutions to improving the state budget and prosperity of Clark County workers.  A stable regulatory and business climate attracts investment and a higher standard of living for our families.  I fought hard to keep temporary taxes temporary, and protected vital tax incentives for business and agriculture.

Let’s get Clark County back to work!