Rep. Paul Harris receives local business endorsement

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Great Meeting with Bob Lewis who is the owner of Columbia Vista the last saw mill operating on the Columbia River in our area. Bob is a great steward of our natural resources. Columbia Vista is having some issues with over reach and unwarranted regulation by our state DNR. The Democrats continue to add environmental [...]

6th Special legislative session, with small economic dip

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As a state legislator I voted no on the current budget for only one reason, not enough in reserves. We were called into special session last cycle when we supposedly had a $700 million dollar reserve and this current budget we have $400 million. What do you think? One small glitch in the local economy [...]

Is there really mystery money for light rail?

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A Article by Michael Ennis in this weekends Columbian titled – Voters deserve the light-rail vote they were promised, made me ask Is there really mystery money for light rail? After two years of in depth discussion on light rail, Vancouver City Council says they may be able to fund the maintenance and operation of [...]